Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Zgłoś błąd
Typ widowni Shounen
Rok produkcji 2008
Wiek widowni 16+


Alternatywny tytuł Farewell Mr. Despair 2
Rodzaj TV
Produkcja Japońska
Gatunek Komedia
Tematyka Parodia, Szkolne życie
Status Zakończone


Drugi sezon Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
darmowe panele aukcyjne


Numer Tytuł Wersja Filler Link
13 Dismissal of Myohonji in Kamakura / The Voice of Daidouji Shinsuke / Under the Assumption of Siblings. Nie Zobacz
12 The Glory of Landing / Role of a Certain Woman / Pororokka Came Riding a Wave. Nie Zobacz
11 12 Dark Despair Women / On this Month, on this Night, the Moon shall be Clouded by my Tears. Nie Zobacz
10 Deteriorating Stream / A Fool`s Adequacy / The First-time Condition. Nie Zobacz
9 A Couple is Better than a Single / The Byway to Oku. Nie Zobacz
8 Spynapple Pudding / When The Fruit of Exposure is Ripened / A Half of the Criminal Investigation Report. Nie Zobacz
7 The Cat That Was Told a Million Times / Little Red Riding Hood Sleeps. Be Careful / The Tsugaru Correspondence Education. Nie Zobacz
6 Thou Shalt Not Know / The Story of Hoichi the Dreamless / Private Stealth. Nie Zobacz
5 Team Play / I Always Called That Person A Leftover / The Other Side of an Act of Kindness. Nie Zobacz
4 An Artist By the Roadside / I Have Mostly Read Shameful Books / The Inconspicuous Summer. Nie Zobacz
3 Seventeen Years Old Don`t You Want To Grab Your Wrinkles? / Duty and Soldiers / Don`t Say it so Casually! Melos Stood and Retorted Furiously. Nie Zobacz
2 Forelocks Yet To Be Opened / Adornment At Tiffany`s / Rouse Up, O Old Men of the Old Age. Nie Zobacz
1 Look, the Baron`s Reckless Remark / There are a Lot of Problems in This Class So Please Be Aware of That. Nie Zobacz

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