Typ widowni Shounen
Rok produkcji 1985
Wiek widowni 13+


Alternatywny tytuł brak
Rodzaj TV
Produkcja Japońska
Gatunek Dramat, Obyczajowy, Romans, Sportowe
Tematyka Bejsbol, Okruchy życia, Szkolne życie
Status Zakończone


The story centers around three characters—Uesugi Kazuya, his twin older brother Tatsuya, and Asakura Minami. Kazuya is the darling of his town as he's talented, hardworking, and the ace pitcher for his middle school baseball team. Tatsuya is a hopeless slacker who's been living the life of giving up the spotlight to Kazuya, despite the fact that he may be more gifted than him. Minami is the beautiful childhood girlfriend and for all intents, sister from next door who treats both of them as equals. Society largely assumes Kazuya and Minami will become the perfect couple, including Tatsuya. Yet as time progresses, Tatsuya grows to realize that he's willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of his brother, except at the expense of giving up Minami to Kazuya. And thus the story is told of Tatsuya trying to prove himself over his established younger brother, how it affects the relationship between the three, and both brothers' attempts to make Minami's lifelong dreams come true.
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48 Finally, Uesugi Shows Up! Nitta, Let`s Fight It Out!! Nie Zobacz
47 The Battle Against Sumi Tech! What!? The Pitcher Is Yoshida!! Nie Zobacz
46 Declaration of Rivalry! Please Surpass Uesugi Kazuya!! Nie Zobacz
45 Aim to Be the Ace! My Rival Is Uesugi!! Nie Zobacz
44 Yuka`s Private Investigator Journal! Where Are Minami and Tatsuya Headed? Nie Zobacz
43 Nitta and Minami Are Fast Getting Close to One Another!? Nie Zobacz
42 One More Extra-Inning Game!? A Rectangular Relationship Concerning Minami Nie Zobacz
41 The 11th Inning in the Rain! The Bases Loaded with Two Outs!! The Batter Is Nishimura Nie Zobacz
40 The Second Game Is a Heated Pitching Duel! Tacchan vs Tenacious Nishimura Nie Zobacz
39 Let Me See What You`ve Got! Cool Nitta vs. Tenacious Nishimura!! Nie Zobacz
38 The First Game of the Preliminary! A Brainy Tacchan Has Emerged Nie Zobacz
37 Aim for Koushien! The Baseball Club Is Right in the Middle of a Camp!! Nie Zobacz
36 Just the Two of Us! A Dangerous Night for Minami and Tatsuya!? Nie Zobacz
35 I`m So Concerned!? About Minami the Talk of the Towns These Days! Nie Zobacz
34 Do Your Best, Tatsuya! The Nerve-Wrecking First Outing Nie Zobacz
33 The Birth of a New Gymnastics Star! Minami Is a Genius, as Expected!? Nie Zobacz
32 I Am Kazuya`s Love Wife! But I Worry About the Idiot Big Brother Nie Zobacz
31 Strong-Armed Tatsuya! But Control Is Still a Work in Progress! Nie Zobacz
30 The Glorious Uniform Number 1. If I Try It, There`s No Reason I Can`t Do It. Nie Zobacz
29 What? The Kind Tacchan Is Not Qualified to Be a Boxer!? Nie Zobacz
28 The Baseball Club Without an Ace Is Like... Nie Zobacz
27 A Summer That Was Too Short... Goodbye Kat-chan! Nie Zobacz
26 Game Over! If You`re Not Here... Nie Zobacz
25 Minami`s Longest Day! Come Quick Kat-chan!!! Nie Zobacz
24 One More for the Koushien and There Is One More Dream for Minami! Nie Zobacz
23 Deliver It to Minami! Will It Come!? The Game Winning Hit with Love Nie Zobacz
22 The game Is Starting Soon! Kazuya vs Terashima Nie Zobacz
21 Kat-chan Wanted to Make It to Koushien for Minami`s Sake Nie Zobacz
20 Tatsuya`s Charming Characteristics Nie Zobacz
19 Want to Forget, But Not Forget!? A Precious Memory Between the Two of Us Nie Zobacz
18 Tatsuya`s Feelings Are a Bit Complicated Nie Zobacz
17 Minami`s First Kiss Nie Zobacz
16 Kazuya`s Heart Is Lemon-Colored Nie Zobacz
15 It`s a Big Event! Tatsuya Slaps Minami!! Nie Zobacz
14 Unhappy? Minami and Kazuya Are the Best Couple? Nie Zobacz
13 Kazuya Is Worried! Koutarou-kun in a Love Slump. Nie Zobacz
12 First Practice! Vigorous Kazuya and Worn-out Tatsuya!? Nie Zobacz
11 The Coming Baseball Club! Tatsuya`s Subtly Swaying Heart!! Nie Zobacz
10 Everyone`s Worried, the Mood Is Fine. We`re High-schoolers! Nie Zobacz
9 Tatsuya and Harada-kun`s Dangerous Friendship! Nie Zobacz
8 Tatsuya Up to Bat! Serious Sibling Showdown?! Nie Zobacz
7 What? Really? Tatsuya and Minami Are Getting Married? Nie Zobacz
6 Are the Rumors True?! The Relationship Between Minami and Kazuya Nie Zobacz
5 Excitedly Touching the Baton! Reach the Finish Line!? Nie Zobacz
4 Did You See It or Not? Minami`s Diary! Nie Zobacz
3 Unexpectedly Pitching in a Game for the First Time! Cause Trouble in the Name of Katsuya!? Nie Zobacz
2 Women`s Intuition! Wondering a Little About Tatsuya`s Ability Nie Zobacz
1 No Matter What Everybody Says, We`re Twins! Nie Zobacz

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