Shugo Chara! 2: Doki

Zgłoś błąd
Typ widowni Shoujo
Rok produkcji 2008
Wiek widowni brak


Alternatywny tytuł brak
Rodzaj TV
Produkcja Japońska
Gatunek Fantasy, Komedia
Tematyka Magia, Szkolne życie/Szkolne kluby
Status Zakończone


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Now Utau has left Easter and restarted her singing career, while Ikuto still remains at Easter. To replace Utau Easter hires a new character, Lulu. Lulu has the power to create question mark eggs, instead of x-eggs. Throughout this season we start to see all the love interests more so then in the first season. Tadase and Amu seem to be a couple now, but they have their problem, especially when Amu starts hiding Ikuto in her room. She lies to Tadase, her family and all the Guardians about it, which in the end causes more problems then she expected. Easter also has a new plan to control Ikuto. Using his violin Easter controls Ikuto so that he transforms into Death Rebel. The sound of his violin turns all the heart eggs with in distance into x-eggs. With a large amount of x-eggs gathered, the embryo will soon turn up.
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