Ookami to Koushinryou 2: Ookami to Kohakuiro no Yuuutsu

Zgłoś błąd
Typ widowni Seinen
Rok produkcji 2009
Wiek widowni 13+


Alternatywny tytuł Ookami to Koushinryou 2 OVA Episode 0
Rodzaj OVA
Produkcja Japońska
Gatunek Fantasy, Przygodowy, Romans
Tematyka Szkolne życie/Szkolne kluby
Status Zakończone


Holo, Lawrence, and Nora sit down to have dinner together, but Holo's dislike for Nora prevents her from enjoying the dinner. However, Holo falls ill due to fatigue and is forced to rest for a few days. She dreams and reminisces about her past and her journey so far with Lawrence, realising her affection for him is intensifying. Lawrence treats Holo's fever and fatigue by feeding her and balancing the four states, the Hot, Cold, Dry, and Wet. Over the course of her sickness, Holo grows closer to Lawrence, but her aversion to Nora continues to cause problems. When Nora visits her, she is finally able to get along with Nora after they share a joke.
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