High School DxD Specials

Zgłoś błąd
Typ widowni Ecchi
Rok produkcji 2012
Wiek widowni 18+


Alternatywny tytuł brak
Rodzaj OVA
Produkcja Japońska
Gatunek Akcja, Fantasy, Komedia, Romans
Tematyka Anioły/Demony, Harem, Nagość, Supermoce
Status Zakończone


A series of 3-5 minute specials that were bundled with the HighSchool DxD DVD and Blu-rays. They are a stand alone set of episodes that are not a part of any story line in particular.

Special 1: Going Sunbathing! - The Occult Research Club goes on a beach outing.

Special 2: Issei's Private Training! - Issei is being given lessons in magic by Akeno.

Special 3: A Little Bold, Koneko-Chan... Nyan! - Koneko accidentally has her personality reversed magically, making her incredibly sexually active and reversing her sexual preference.

Special 4: The Untold Story of The Dress Break's Birth! - A few flashbacks of how Issei first found out and eventually perfected his special move, Dress Break.

Special 5: Making Udon! - As part of a penalty for losing a bet, Sona and Tsubaki make udon for the Occult Research Club but the udon comes to life in a peculiar way...

Special 6: Asia Transforms! - Asia wants to prove she is just as bad as any demon by using ideas found in Issei's magazines, going as far as dressing up like a harlot and seducing him.
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Numer Tytuł Wersja Filler Link
6 Rozhasane żądze Vol.6: Asia chcę się zmienić! Nie Zobacz
5 Rozhasane żądze Vol.5: Robiąc Udon! Nie Zobacz
4 Rozhasane żądze Vol.4: Początek zdzierania ubrań? Nie Zobacz
3 Rozhasane żądze Vol.3: Zuchwała Koneko... Miau. Nie Zobacz
2 Rozhasane żądze Vol.2: Akeno udziela specjalnej lekcji. Nie Zobacz
1 Rozhasane żądze Vol.1: Idziemy się opalać. Nie Zobacz

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